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Technology start up investment opportunity

What is on offer?

  • This start up is where tech and media come together.
  • Offering traditional methods of content creation, but also innovative and futuristic 360/VR for businesses to stand out and explore ways to market on modern platforms such as Metaverse and Sandbox. The tech is also compatible with LinkedIn, YouTube, mobile, and web.
  • Helping bridge the gap for SMEs to get their hands on the latest tech that 95% of fortune 500 companies already use.
    Providing 360/VR and in the future also augmented reality for marketing and entertainment.
  • Offering different pricing models for different types of Clients, from SMEs to larger companies.
  • This start up is currently registered in Singapore, and the founders want to incorporate in Vietnam, to hire staff in Vietnam, to continue developing their products and services, and to go – to – market.
  • The founders are looking to raise up to USD 300,000 seed investment in return for 15% equity, negotiable.
  • Portfolio, financial forecast, and further details upon request.

Unique selling points:

  • This is one of the first companies in the Asia region looking to launch a project like this, and they have some big Clients lined up already.
  • An ambitious team with 25 years experience in tech, marketing, sales, design, film and more.
  • With its operations being located in Vietnam, this start up is located at a central hub for manufacturing, tourism and e-commerce, and it will be targeting these fields as first adopters.
  • Combining traditional marketing and media, with innovative and futuristic ways, including: virtual reality, augmented reality, 4k, and 360*.
  • Pricing models for SMEs and for large companies.


Why now? 4 years ago the expectations of tech did not meet the price, and users were disappointed. But now this tech start up has found a way, due to their processes, to meet both the expectations of their Clients, as well as their spending power resulting in great future projections and an interesting investment opportunity to investors.

Foreign ownership:

In Vietnam, it is possible for a foreign individual or company to invest in a tech start up. Our Bizspective team can advise you in more detail about how this works in practice. We can also help you with the legal / administrative side of the investment. If you have any questions about foreign business ownership you can contact us directly either via Facebook, WhatsApp, e-mail, or fill in the “contact us now” form.

Further information:

Are you interested in this investment opportunity? Would you like to learn more about this business, for example some financial projections, or their portfolio? Do you have any further questions, and/or would you like to organise a meeting with the founders: click the “contact button” in the top right corner or send us an e-mail at [email protected] . We look forward to hearing from you!


Even though our Bizspective team always tries its very best to provide you with correct and complete information: we cannot always independently verify all the information of our listings. We therefore always recommend company buyers and investors to do their own due diligence before moving forward with any of the business / investment listings on our website. If you are looking for professional support with your due diligence, feel free to drop us an e-mail in order to get connected with one of our professional partners around Vietnam.

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