How to register a business in Vietnam

Business in Vietnam

Are you considering registering a business in Vietnam? Great idea: Vietnam is full of opportunities, and there are various business and investment incentives available if you know where to look. But the procedures and the requirements may seem a bit daunting to you? There is in fact nothing to be worried about. For most people, […]

How to open a cafe or restaurant in Vietnam

open a restaurant in Vietnam

Are you thinking about opening a cafe or about opening a restaurant in Vietnam? Have a look at this guide, which explains to you the requirements, procedures, time frames and fees for how to open a restaurant in Vietnam. Introduction Have you ever thought about setting up and opening a cafe in Vietnam, or opening […]

How to start an NGO in Vietnam

NGO in Vietnam

If you want to know how to start and run an NGO in Vietnam, then this guide is for you. It details the different options, the procedures, requirements, and time frames for starting an NGO in Vietnam.   1.What does it take to start and run an NGO in Vietnam? . The question may have […]