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Under the new regulations, airline passengers only need to make an electronic medical declaration, and the authorities will extract the passenger’s domestic travel data directly from the PC-COVID application.


On the evening of October 28, 2021, the Ministry of Information and Communications issued an official document No. 4339/BTTTT-THH agreeing to deploy application development, connect, and share data for transportation activities, specifically:

Upgrade the “Declaration of domestic movement” feature of the PC-COVID application in accordance with the requirements and regulations on domestic passenger transportation of the Ministry of Transport
Develop more information extraction features for designated units of the Ministry of Transport to coordinate with localities, help localities plan suitable pandemic prevention and control measures according to regulations
Unify the information form that the PC-COVID application will export and periodically send data to the designated units as proposed by the Ministry of Transport and be ready to provide data from October 29, 2021

The Ministry of Transport promulgates the Decision No. 1887/QD-BGTVT of the Minister of Transport on amending and supplementing some contents in the Provisional Regulation on the continued implementation of regular domestic passenger routes to ensure safe, flexible, and effective control of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This was issued together with Decision No. 1840/QD-BGTVT dated October 20, 2021, of the Minister of Transportation, with the following notable points.

Passengers only need to make electronic medical declarations

For passengers, in addition to the mandatory medical conditions and requirements as in the previous instructions, in this Decision, passengers are only required to make electronic medical declarations on the PC-COVID application when traveling by plane (domestic movement declaration). Passengers are encouraged to declare before check-in.

In case passengers do not have suitable devices or have difficulty using smart electronic devices, the airline is responsible for allocating human resources and equipment to guide and assist people in installing the application and declaring process.


Extracting passengers’ domestic travel data directly from the PC-COVID app

Currently, the PC-COVID system and technical solutions have ensured that it is possible to extract the domestic movement data of passengers for each flight.

With all passengers being able to declare domestic travel on only one application, it will also help to unify and will be very convenient to extract passenger travel data directly from the PC-COVID application.

Besides, the new regulation also only requires airlines to provide the list of passengers to the Port Authority, which will be transferred to the locality 2 times per day (14:00 and 22:00) instead of before each flight as before.

This will also help reduce the passenger check-in time and the data extraction process. It will also reduce the pressure on human resources for aviation units.

All new regulations will be applied from 0:00 on October 29, 2021.

Next step, based on the situation of the pandemic and the general adaptation in the spirit of NQ128 of the Government, the Ministry of Transport will continue to coordinate with the Ministry of Information and Communications and the Ministry of Health to study solutions to minimize intermediaries in the synthesis, reception, and processing of domestic passenger information in all 05 forms to issue new regulations and procedures accordingly.

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