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Monday - Friday 8.00 AM - 17.30 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Ha Noi Coworking space – Replus

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Coworking space Hanoi brings to businesses:

1. Reduce office time and costs
Limit the cost of office rental, spending on furniture shopping, setting up equipment and machinery, monthly transportation and focusing more time on work.

2. Facilities available
Coworking space Hanoi service rental unit always provides a full range of necessary office facilities such as meeting rooms, dining rooms, reception rooms, support staff, … and comes with equipment. Modern equipment such as air conditioners, photocopiers, refrigerators, projectors, etc. are available.

3. Flexible workspace
With Coworking space Hanoi, you will enjoy an open, comfortable working space without being forced to comply with many regulations. Enterprises will be the ones to create regulations for the company’s employees and also for themselves.

4. Connect relationships
Working in a community environment will give you opportunities to interact with businesses in many fields and share different perspectives and knowledge. At the same time, you also have the opportunity to become partners with each other.

5. Increase work efficiency
According to some research on customers of coworking space, they feel very comfortable when working in a shared office environment. Their productivity also increased. At the same time, being able to collaborate with friends with the same passion and purpose should increase the motivation and promote your abilities more.

Reviews from their customers:

This business has very good reviews:

“Replus office Hanoi branch is very beautiful, luxurious and modern, spacious space, view, very professional working environment, especially the attitude of the support staff is enthusiastic and very happy. Overall I feel great to rent.”

“The office is beautiful, luxurious and smooth, the receptionist is cute, the staff is very enthusiastic.”

“Great office space, comfortable, with many prices and many incentives for businesses. Friendly, sociable staff.”

“For the first time in Hanoi, I see such a professional office, ensuring both quality and prestige, the price is so great.
If there is a 10 star rating, I will click on 20.”


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