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Bizlen™ business services has safe, secure and convenient storage service in Da Nang, for both short-term and long-term storage.

Storage safety and security

As far as we know, Bizlen storage services in Da Nang are the only storage in Da Nang that will provide you with a contract and also insurance to cover the value of your stored items.

What can we store?

We can store any equipment, including TVs, computers, motorbikes, electronic equipment, luggage, boxes, documents, and basically anything else. Boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and transport: all available for a small extra fee.

How long can I store my belongings?

Our fee is a minimum of 1 month, and you can store your belongings as long as you need. Your belongings are also easily accessed by you if needed. You can collect your belongings at any time, just let us know 24 hours in advance please.

What are my storage fees?

Bizlen has a very useful tool on its website, where you can calculate your own storage fees. Stored items are categorized in “regular size items” and “big size items”. Storage fees are USD 5 per month per regular sized item, such as: regular sized boxes, suitcases, golf bags, backpacks, ovens, etcetera. For bigger items, including: big TVs, office chairs, scooters, oversized suitcases, small cabinets, etcetera: our Bizlen storage fee is USD 10 per month per item.

If you have many items, extra large items, and/or if you want to store for a longer period of time: that is perfectly possible! Let Bizlen know the details, and they will make you a customized quotation, including some tailor – made solutions and discount. Also good to know: from the 2nd item that you store with them, you will already receive a standard 10% discount! With 3 items, your discount will be 15% … , and so on.

You can take a look at this link to see more information and to use the storage fee calculator.

Bizlen’s other services

Bizlen offers various business – related services in Vietnam. Their headquarters are in Da Nang, but they serve their Clients all over Vietnam, and even overseas. If you are looking for anything related to starting, buying, running, developing, selling and/or closing a business in Vietnam: send them a message via and they will contact you very soon!


Incorporation services for foreign - owned companies
Business start up consulting
Real estate consultation
Storage services
Packing materials
Business development consulting
Business storage
Furniture storage
Document storage
Luggage storage

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