Lucas Dang

“Hello, my name is Lucas Dang, I provide financial services that are tailored to each Client’s needs and business model. I am here to help individuals and companies in Vietnam to achieve their  financial goals.”

financial consultant vietnam
finance consultant vietnam

Lucas Dang is an experienced finance expert. After having worked for several well – known Vietnamese companies, he is now running his own financial consulting company. He advises both individuals and companies about financial management, investment project valuation, and funding.

  • Executive MBA from Northwestern Switzerland University.
  • Worked as Manager at VPBank Security.
  • Worked as Finance Director at Linkhouse Central Vietnam.

Lucas has worked with many individuals and companies to develop their finance strategies. Having studied at a foreign University and speaking English very well, he provides finance solutions to both Vietnamese and foreign Clients. Among other things, he consults about:

  • Raising capital for enterprises and startup projects.
  • Capital management for  individuals and businesses.
  • Asset management consulting for wealthy individuals, including  high – potential startup portfolio.
  • Investment consulting and business valuation.
  • Setting up or improving finance systems for companies in Vietnam.
  • Brokerage of securities, bonds, and stocks of reputable financial institutions in Vietnam.

If you are looking for a professional, reliable, and well – connected financial advisor in Vietnam: then Lucas Dang is the right person to talk with.

What his clients say:

Lucas is a great finance expert. He helped me and my company with excellent consultation. It was a real pleasure to work with him. He clearly knows what he is talking about, and I would recommend him to anybody who is looking for a reliable financial expert.

Lucas's outstanding quality, responsiveness and knowledge make him a no-brainer for anyone looking to hire an excellent consultant.

The best! Lucas provided exactly what was asked for. I wanted him to look into an investment opportunity that I was given. Lucas quickly got to the bottom of it and gave me excellent advice. Investing in his valuation service ultimately made me a ten - fold.

His services:

Financial consultation

For individuals and companies who are looking for professional financial advice.

$ 149 per hour
  • This is a consultation fee per hour. Contact Lucas for a project - based quote.
  • Let Lucas know what you are looking for via the booking form.
  • Building finance systems, project funding, investment advice.
  • Asset management, fundraising, brokerage services.
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Lucas has developed a broad range of finance skills for individuals and companies. From help with setting up your company’s finance system, to individual wealth management. And from raising capital for your new project to trading in Vietnamese stocks. So let him know what you are looking for via the booking form below, and Lucas will tell you exactly what he can do for you.

Project valuation

For individuals and companies who want to determine the value of a Vietnam - based project.

$ 495 base fee
  • Project - based research and consultation.
  • Determine the true value of your project and make better informed investment decisions.
  • For projects of any size, and in any sector.
  • Detailed written valuation report and recommendations.
  • Let Lucas know about your project via the booking form, and he will get back to you with a customized quote.
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There are many reasons why you may be looking for a project valuation. Perhaps you are looking to invest in a business, or maybe you are trying to sell your own business. Perhaps you are planning to expand, and you are looking to raise capital. For all these cases, it is good to know the value of the project that you are looking at. Lucas is experienced in project valuation, and he will help you cut through “vanity metrics”, and other irrelevant numbers. So that you can determine the proper value of the project, and take action accordingly. Please note that the USD 495 is Lucas’ base fee. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, the actual fee may be higher. Therefore: please contact Lucas via the booking form, tell him about your project, and he will give you a customized quote for your review.

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