Digital marketing software company investment opportunity

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3,500,000,000 VND



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Upon request


Upon request


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Digital marketing software company investment opportunity

<< This digital marketing software company is raising angel investment to help it grow to the next level. With its AI – powered technology, and with an ambitious, experienced team: they have set course to conquer the Vietnamese- and then the SEA market. They have studied the market, they know their field, and they have already validated their business model. Now they are looking for angel investment to help them develop their software, and to grow their operations. This is an opportunity to jump on board of a promising, AI – powered digital marketing project. >>

What is on offer?

  • The project was founded by an experienced team of both foreigners and Vietnamese. They saw an opportunity to develop and deliver great quality, modern digital marketing services to the huge SME market.
  • They have started the project in Vietnam, where most of their management- and technical teams are based. They have already validated their business model, and they have already onboarded their first Clients.
  • After Vietnam, they have plans for other emerging markets, such as: Indonesia, Thailand, and the wider Southeast Asia region.
  • The business is currently registered in Singapore (head company) and in Vietnam (cost company).
  • The ownership team is ideally looking for one or more passive angel investors, who would invest a total of USD 100 – 150,000 into the Singapore head company. These funds would first and foremost go to further developing their AI – powered software, and to growing the business’ operations.
  • The business is currently valued at USD 1,000,000 meaning that passive investors would get 1% (negotiable) in return for every USD 10,000 of their investment.
  • If an investor would bring specific experience, skills, network and/or other value to the table: then the equity offer may be different.
  • For big investors: the ownership is willing to explore and discuss the options for sponsoring them with a long time visa for Vietnam.
  • More information is available upon request, including: pitch deck, financial overviews, and financial forecast.

Unique selling points:

  • Modern, AI – powered technology.
  • Experienced and ambitious management- and technical teams, consisting of both foreigners and Vietnamese, with proven track records in their respective fields.
  • Based on detailed market research and great market understanding, and with a market validated business model.
  • Already serving their first Clients, and making their first revenue.
  • Supported by successful mentors and accelerators.
  • Serving the huge, mostly untapped SME market of SEA.


  • This business is focused on a very large, mostly untapped market of small (and medium) sized enterprises that are looking for tech enabled digital marketing solutions.
  • The total addressable market is estimated at USD 600,000,000 / year in Vietnam, USD 11,400,000,000 in Southeast Asia, and USD 60,000,000,000 / year in the World.
  • SMEs in emerging markets are rapidly adopting digital marketing without good tech enabled solutions to support their evolving demands and needs.
  • Via a detailed growth plan, the leadership team is aiming for a revenue of USD 25,000,000 by the end of 2025, and a 6 – 10x return on investment (ROI) within 3 – 5 years.

Foreign ownership:

In Vietnam, it is possible for a foreign individual or company to own part of a digital marketing software company. The owners are first of all looking for one or more angel investors who are willing to invest into their Singapore (head) company. However, for big investors they are willing to consider and discuss visa options under their local Vietnam (cost) company. For more information about how this could work in practice: please feel free to contact our Bizspective team. If needed, we can also help you with the legal / administrative side of the investment. And for any questions about foreign business ownership in Vietnam in general, you can contact us directly either via Facebook, WhatsApp, e-mail, or fill in the “contact us now” form.

Further information:

Are you interested in this investment opportunity? Would you like to learn more about this business, for example would you like to see their pitch deck, their financial overviews, and/or their financial forecasts? Do you have any further questions, and/or would you like to organise a meeting with the owners: click the “contact button” in the top right corner or send us an e-mail at [email protected] . We look forward to hearing from you!

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