Vietnam accounting standard for business owners

Vietnam accounting standard

As a foreign business owner in Vietnam, understanding Vietnam accounting standards is crucial to make sure that you meet the business compliance requirements in Vietnam. Local and foreign companies must document financial transactions in accordance with Vietnam Accounting Standards (VAS), which were developed by the Vietnamese Ministry of Finance, in addition to the Accounting Law. […]

Business Tax Timeline In Vietnam

Business Tax Timeline In Vietnam

The business tax timeline in Vietnam is one of the most crucial things for any business operating in any country. By being aware of which cooperate tax deadlines are approaching will save you from costly penalties and potentially even worse scenarios. To help you prepare for upcoming tax filing deadlines, we would like to present […]

Corporate taxes in Vietnam

Business taxes in Vietnam

Every business owner in Vietnam has to deal with taxes on a regular basis. It is therefore good to understand the corporate taxes in Vietnam and what their rates are. Knowing this may prevent you from issues with the Tax Authorities, and it could save you money as well. Introduction For many business owners, taxation […]