Invest in a business – obtain a long term visa.

If your looking to obtain a long term visa in Vietnam, investing in a business might be the best solution.

Why invest into a business in Vietnam? While obtaining a long-term visa (investor visa) in Vietnam is a significant benefit, other compelling reasons exist to consider investing in an established business in Vietnam. Vietnam boasts a booming economy, a young and skilled workforce, and a strategic location within Southeast Asia, making it an attractive investment […]

Vietnam work permit and work visa

Vietnam work permit

1, Introduction to the Vietnam work permit 1.1, What is a Vietnam work permit? A Vietnam work permit is an official certificate granted by the Department of Labor, Invalid and Social Affairs to foreign workers before conducting or entering any employment contract in Vietnam. A Vietnam work permit is valid for up to 2 years […]

What you need to know about the Vietnam investor visa

Vietnam investor visa

Thanks to Vietnam’s fast-growing economy and abundant labor force, the country is considered as a promised land for investors to establish and develop their businesses. Therefore, all information related to the issuance of the Vietnam investor visa (also called “DT visa” or “investment visa”) is increasingly relevant. In this guide, we will present you with […]

The temporary residence card in Vietnam – A full guide

Temporary residence card

Simply said, the temporary residence card in Vietnam is a multiple entry visa with around 2 to 5 years validity for foreigners who want to stay in Vietnam for a long time. The validity and required documents of these cards differ, depending on the applicant. What is a temporary residence card (TRC)? Many expats are […]

A full guide to visas in Vietnam (2023)

Visas in vietnam

This is the ultimate guide to visas in Vietnam. In this article, we will include the ways to get visas, a list of the different types of visas, and also a detailed breakdown of each visa type. Visas in Vietnam can be a little bit confusing, there is also quite a lot of contradicting information […]