Enterprise Registration Certificate in Vietnam

Enterprise Registration Certificate

You may have heard of an ERC – Enterprise Registration Certificate, however, you might not be sure exactly what it is used for. Here is a short article explaining what an ERC is. What is an Enterprise Registration Certificate? ERC (Enterprise Registration Certificate) is a mandatory legal certificate for you to be eligible to set […]

Investment Registration Certificate in Vietnam

Investment Registration Certificate

Along with the Enterprise Registration Certificate, the Investment Registration Certificate is a required certificate in the business registration process for foreigners who want to open a company in Vietnam. For foreign investors (companies and individuals), the process and conditions for setting up a business are different from those of Vietnamese… Therefore, it’s good to thoroughly […]

Business compliance in Vietnam

Business compliance in Vietnam

After registering a company in Vietnam, foreign investors must ensure that it complies with local laws and reporting requirements. This article was written to give details about business compliance in Vietnam and to assist foreigners in planning their tax reporting in Vietnam ahead of time. 1. Requirements for business compliance in Vietnam Registering for tax […]

How to open a representative office in Vietnam

representative office in Vietnam

Do you wonder how to open a representative office in Vietnam? Do you want to know what a representative office in Vietnam is allowed to do, and what the estimated time frame and fees are? Then this guide is for you. It sets out everything you need to know in order to open a representative […]

How to suspend or close a company in Vietnam

close a company in Vietnam

Are you considering suspending or closing a company in Vietnam, but you do not know how it works exactly? In this guide, we will walk you through the requirements, procedures, time frames, and fees to close a company in Vietnam or suspend a company in Vietnam. Introduction Unfortunately, business does not always go as planned. […]

Investment incentives in Vietnam

Investment incentives in Vietnam

Would you like to know which business sectors in Vietnam are encouraged for investment? Or are you interested to know whether your investment project is eligible for investment incentives in Vietnam? This guide will tell you all of that, and more. Introduction Maybe you are planning to start an investment project in Vietnam. Or you […]