Investment Opportunities in Developing Countries.

Unlocking Potential: Exploring Business Opportunities in Developing Countries

Investing in developing countries can be a smart move for those looking to grow their money. Many interesting investment opportunities await world wide. These regions are experiencing rapid economic growth and have yet to attract significant global investment. This presents excellent investment opportunities for new investors looking to enter these markets and capitalise on their […]

How to value a small business, made easy.

How to value a small business in Vietnam. Made easy.

Putting a value on a small business, especially in Vietnam, may seem like a daunting tasks. This guide aims to offer practical strategies, insights, and tips. It’s important to note that these tips are geared towards small-scale brick and mortar businesses, and generally, the smaller the business, the simpler it is to determine its value. […]

How to value a business, full guide.

How to value a business in Vietnam, full guide.

How to to value a business in Vietnam? As the old saying goes “it’s worth as much as a buyer agrees to pay” which is quite true to some extent. However, to ensure the best deal and to have a realistic valuation, it is important to make a pragmatic valuation backed by reports and data […]

Evaluating a Franchise Business for Sale

Franchise, business for sale in Vietnam

Introduction Franchising has emerged as a popular business model that allows entrepreneurs to enter a proven market with a recognizable brand and established systems. Buying a franchise business for sale can be an enticing option for aspiring business owners seeking a head start and reduced risks. However, before committing to any franchise opportunity, thorough evaluation […]

15 questions to ask before setting up a business in Vietnam

common question setting up a business in Vietnam

Are you looking to open a new business in Vietnam? Here is the list of 15 questions you should know the answers to before setting up a business here as a foreigner. These questions cover a wide range of topics, from the business set-up process to legal matters. By answering these questions, you can better […]

Types of business in Vietnam

Types of business in Vietnam

Have you ever wondered what are all the types of business in Vietnam? Let’s find out now! According to the Enterprise Law 2020, Vietnam’s main types of business include limited liability companies (LLC), joint stock companies (JSC), partnerships, private enterprises, and family businesses. Each business type has advantages and disadvantages that suit different individuals or […]

Business for sale in Da Nang: All you need to know

business for sale in da nang

Da Nang, one of Vietnam’s most thriving cities, is home to a growing economy and promising business opportunities. For foreign entrepreneurs looking to find a business for sale in Da Nang, it’s important to understand the local market and regulations. In this blog, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to know about […]

8 things you need to check before buying a restaurant in Vietnam

buying a restaurant in Vietnam

Buying a restaurant in Vietnam is a common choice for foreign investors who want to start an SME in this beautiful country. According to our research, the food and beverage business is one of Vietnam’s top most lucrative ideas for small businesses. The 2022 F&B market report by said Vietnam has nearly 338,600 restaurants/cafés. […]

Buying a business for sale in Vietnam: why and why not?

Buying a business for sale in Vietnam

Do you want to become a business owner in Vietnam? There are tons of options for you! Starting a new business, buying a business for sale, investing in an existing company, or buying a franchise are all available for foreign investors in Vietnam. If you want to skip the early stages of business development, purchasing […]